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It’s easy to romanticize a simpler life that one doesn’t indulge continually. A life much like that of some ideal fellow just two blocks away. He is married to a modest wife, raising a family 一 two good-looking children, and sharing the weekends altogether in simple activities like handball, or skipping, or some other appealing randomness. Their lives…

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Small Tears

It's somewhat disturbing that the first poem I choose to publish publicly is a eulogy,…

18 July, 2015 Poem

Proud Sorrows

"Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves." - Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights "You're too proud,…

10 February, 2015 Entry


When we cringe at memories of past mistakes and only lighten up to memories of…

31 July, 2014 Entry

Nobody's Poster Person

One of the perks of finding and living your identity is that you become an…

11 July, 2014 Entry

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