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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Bloopers of Life

When we cringe at memories of past mistakes and only lighten up to memories of what we did right, we forget that mistakes are just as fundamental to our character as successes. We forget that by making those mistakes, we did what prevent many from ever starting off in their lives or careers in the first place:…

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A Neighbor’s Fire

In the relative peace of where we live, it is sometimes easy to forget the hot spots of the world where all business and economic betterment have been brought to a halt by violence and chaos. Many continue to lose their loved ones and the numbers of refugees continue to grow. Thanks to the internet,…

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Talk Tuesday: Why good leaders make you feel safe

Today’s talk is about leaders and how they can inspire a sense of security in their followers. People go the extra mile for a community that appreciates and invests into them, and Simon Sinek suggests why this is the case. It is an 11 minutes talk. The message is simple, and its impact will last…

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The Strengths of Startups Over Big Companies

Ever since I stumbled into April Dunford‘s work, I haven’t stopped being fascinated with the elegance and simplicity she gives a field as often illusive as marketing. Marketing is one of those elements in business that are more like an art: you either know what you are doing or you don’t. However, thanks to April’s…

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