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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Disconnected Thoughts

This is an autobiographical post. Details fascinate me. I enjoy the process of deliberately observing and absorbing a moment, place, person, or thing. I love looking for new ways to appreciate old and routine interests and activities, even people. When I was younger, much younger, the biggest word I learned by hearing it often used…

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Who has touched you?

Our world is busier than ever. We call on favors, receive help – sometimes out of desperation, and then conveniently forget the hands that carried us to the next level. Only memories of their shortcomings during the process color our minds as we convince ourselves that even though they were a lot of help, something…

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A Rainy Friday

It’s Good Friday today, Jesus had been betrayed, was being tortured and questioned… Condemned to death. As I contemplate His passion, the depth of anguish and pain – while picturing that agonizing drama of a day, one song strangely plays along like a background music in my head… asking: Have You Ever Seen the Rain? Good…

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