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About Dili

Dili C. Francis

Dili C. Francis

I am an entrepreneur and hobbyist writer. My first company was Rognosis Inc. – a software and media development company, and Soyword organization is my first and long-term goal nonprofit outreach focused on underprivileged children and social outcasts with a methodical approach to break the cycle of destitution one receiver at a time.

I wrote the logs on this site to muse in black and white, and although a fan of intricate long reads, my goal here was to publish short articles that make deep connections [hopefully]; not intellectual or professional impressions. The theme of my writing was personal and reflective: from business to life as an everyday person. Some entries are independent bits to a larger [perhaps more intimate] collage of meaning. Still, being a public journal, every article is open to a kindred spirit.

Born in Nigeria, I grew up amidst the sputtered variety of both its northern and southern cultures. I am the product of meaningful friends and mentors to whom I owe all that I am today. I have an overwhelming fondness and respect for humanity as a race. I love our species. We are a resourceful, resilient, and a largely magnanimous race. My admiration for humanity trickles to every individual I meet, even in mundane situations. Each person, no matter their station or bearing, captures very well the essence of the human experience and, frankly, I think I see why our race remains the obsession of deities. As a people, even as a single person, we are infinite and profoundly priceless.

Being more of a curious learner, I collect materials on just about any subject much as people collect coins, watches, etc. I especially like business, history, and technology. I’m not much of a sports fan but enjoy winter and extreme sports – a good game of tennis also. I appreciate art, culture, and music – especially the piano (hobbyist). Most of all, however, I adore entrepreneurs and the problem solvers of our time. I love life and the people in it, and while I aim to lead a life that affects others positively, I hope to always define myself intrinsically – free from achievements and popular acceptance: good or bad. We’ll see.

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