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Daily In My Thoughts

In our human tendency for egocentricity,Teach us to hold others close to heartRemembering that they, just like us, share in this life –Even if different from oursWe have our preoccupations, others have theirs, tooWe are busy, others are, tooWe think ourselves peculiar, others do, tooWe think ourselves sometimes weird,Others have their self-rationalize quirks and foibles,…

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Ubiquitous Love

You cannot have of love what you do not believe of itWe neither can marry everyone we love, nor should weLove cherishes and adoresIts adoration is purer than mere romanceIts essence will last years after dallianceWe love to nurture fellowshipWe love for mutual actualizationLove is synergy, not onenessIt is resolve, not chemistryLove is a practice…

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Here I come to find myself, catch the tide Looking for a peace at the end of the line Sometimes I can’t help myself feel the tide I’m all at sea and so unwise I’m so afraid I’d lose your love as time goes by But courage is a fire and a beacon so bright…

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Small Tears Featured

It’s somewhat disturbing that the first poem I choose to publish publicly is a eulogy, but then again it could have been about cute talking bunnies… how sad will that be? Anyway, this one’s dedicated to lost loved ones and broken friendships. Death cheats, and memories redress Loss is not for the dead, but for the…

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