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This page highlights my biases and general feelings on the subjects listed. If there’s a link on a title below, then I have written a post that discusses the topic in more detail. Otherwise, I intend on writing about that subject sometime. 讀萬卷書不如行萬里路

Concerning Faith and Spirituality ― I am a Christian, and that significantly affects my outlook. The tenets of my faith are: (i) my relationship with God is founded first on an intimate personal fellowship. Dogma and traditions are great but secondary. (ii) God is secure: has to be if really Almighty. Therefore, the Being shouldn’t require the neediness usually put around it by often well-meaning people. If needing us to create its sense of existence, then that Being isn’t fit for what we deem it to be. On the other hand, if this Being is Absolute as repeatedly ascribed, then it shouldn’t be intimidated or compelled by defiance, despite our self-importance. Read More »

Concerning Business – I ran a software and media development company, and that’s the source of my experiences. While there are many similarities in all business ventures generally, some applications may be truer in one industry than in the other.

Concerning Humanity & Causes – I regard business as important as charity because innovations solve human problems and enhance standards of living, see an excerpt. I am also more inclined to children and juveniles in destitution, and programs that offer sustainable paths to break the cycle; rather than momentarily alleviate them. However, I believe both short and long-term solutions are equal partners in the process.

Concerning Approach to Writing – My writing here is a public diary: personal experiences and interpretations about life openly shared. While factual, I indulge some fictional elements for assortment. A few articles are limited using a passcode intended for a closer circle but, over time and comfort, I intend for all contents to eventually be public.

Concerning Politics – I consider myself apolitical in the sense that I neither identify with any one political ideology exclusively nor hold political ideals as the only means to build and resolved society. Notwithstanding, I am fully engaged in current discourses and world affairs. It helps to remember that we live in a world that is messy to a complexity practically impossible to grasp or scrupulously redress, and the seemingly natural model of survival for the fittest isn’t any more palatable than the coercion of conformity by a majority. Since governments are ultimately a product of the people, I tend to cheer on individual maturity a little more than I do general public movements. Better individual values in multiple effects will eventually produce a better government – regardless of its size. Read More »

Concerning Criticism – One of the hallmarks of life is the variety of our individual experience of it. This is the cradle of creativity and how we’re able to appreciate the world in different forms and expression, and that’s good. It also means that opinions are necessarily diverse, and while I understand the sensitive emotions around criticism, I make an effort to keep an open mind even on the most fundamental subjects. Concerning personal criticisms, I remind people that while they are prominent in my life, their approval of me isn’t necessary. Therefore, even though a gentleman to an extent, I am no Boy Scout and frankly becoming a Scout isn’t exactly on my to-do list. Communing and cherishing the people in our world is a quintessential element to my sense of life, but it just isn’t where I define myself. It shouldn’t be for anyone. | See an Excerpt »

Concerning Adulthood – First, growing up is so overrated (humor intended). On the other hand, we never really grow up, do we? We only learn how to act in public :p

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